David Lammy MP & UK Music at the Rehearsal Rooms

Local politician joins forces with UK Music to deliver The Rehearsal Rooms

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I’m having a really good spell right now of being booked to film & photograph some great events involving some really meaningful campaigns, driven by some good people.

UK Music sent me back to my old neighborhood in north London to cover the Rehearsal Rooms event.

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UK Music arranged the event to promote the space for the local community to come and meet the music industry. The Rehearsal Rooms is a recording studio complex where driven kids can write, record, collaborate and create new music and take their first steps towards a career in the music industry. David Lammy MP came to support the initiative and explained the importance of supporting creative promise in young people. He met the kids and was really supportive and generally unlike most politicians that I’ve interviewed.


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All the homegrown major players in the music industry joined David Lammy MP in a day of local kids meeting their heroes and gaining practical advice on a career in the music industry.

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JSC David Lammy MP Portrait


UKM RR David Lammy from Jim Stokes Creative on Vimeo.


UKM RR 4 from Jim Stokes Creative on Vimeo.

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UKM RR DJ Semtex from Jim Stokes Creative on Vimeo.


UKM RR Abraham 1b from Jim Stokes Creative on Vimeo.

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