Nick Clegg visits a Hammersmith School for Primary Futures

Nick Clegg made a great impression on the pupils of a Hammersmith School when he dropped by as part of the Primary Futures event.

I was commissioned to be there and cover the event for photography, digital video and live social media content throughout the day.

A brain surgeon, a theatre director and the chief operating officer of Bank of America attended assembly and then spent the morning talking to pupils about their careers, what their job entails and how they got to where they’re at. Then workshops on how to write a cv, carrying out mock interviews. Mr Clegg even read a bedtime story to the youngsters.

The teachers, pupils, volunteers and Mr Clegg all had a great day

The pupils get such a boost from hearing about the volunteers life and work and I’m yet to meet a volunteer who isn’t really blown away by the day. So sign up now Here


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