The Longest Shotlist in 10 years

JSC had the pleasure of covering the Inspiring Women In The Arts event at Tate Modern recently. A client of 5 years, The Education & Employers Taskforce, who run a number of campaigns focused on increasing social justice and opportunity in education, arranged the event and hired me to cover it with stills and video.

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JSC L Jim021 LR

Miriam Gonzalez Clegg, who champions the campaign, marshaled a hundred of the most successful women in the arts, from Bafta, the BBC, film, theatre, music, to spend a few hours in the Turbine Hall, talking to over 300 School girls about the opportunities and challenges on the road ahead.

JSC Miriam Gonzalez Clegg

The message was simple, you can achieve so much, if you want to. If you work hard, are smart, listen and learn, you’ll be amazed at what kind of life you can build for yourself. The girls got to meet women who were CEO’s, Directors, entrepreneurs, actors, stars, directors and Dames. Sage advice was everywhere, along with plenty of empowerment.

JSC IW Arts075 crop LR

JSC Inspiring Women Tate School kids

JSC Jenny Agutter Tate Modern

I provide graphic design and video work for the Taskforce. I took another shooter and provided my client with interviews, stills, social media content for instant broadcast & press, video, and digital content for future campaigns and media library. Enough to tell the story and get more inspiring women to sign up.

A hundred of the most successful women in the Arts, 300 school girls and a few hours to gather as much as possible/tell the story. What could possibly go wrong? Here’s a few examples of what we caught on the day…

IW Jaime Winstone – Actor from Jim Stokes Creative on Vimeo.

IW Brenda Emmanus – BBC from Jim Stokes Creative on Vimeo.

JSC Jessica Raine Actor

Actor Jessica Raine talks to school girls about what it takes to be an inspiring woman

JSC Louise Brealey Actor 2

Actor Louise Brealey enjoys connecting with young minds at the Inspiring Women in the arts

JSC L Jim018 crop LR

JSC Tate Modern Turbine Hall Inspiring Women

JSC Keeley Hawes Actor

Actor Keeley Hawes has some fun inspiring young women at the Tate

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