Skills: Branding & Identity, Creative Direction, Film, Graphic Design, Illustration

Doodles Logo 1


Things that I draw when I’m working or talking on the phone! A selection of doodles that become concept work or storyboards for creative projects.


Nostromo cover concept

Trying to distill one of my favourite novels into a single image. Joseph Conrad’s hero (representing the working class) carries the survival of the corrupt society on his back, and is laid low by it, whilst coveting Giselle.


After taking a scalpel to the nib of a magic marker, I drew two quick lines that became eyes, eyebrows and a nose followed in a minute this butler was formed. I was aiming for Noel Coward and this image ended up branding an imported English food company in Santa Barbara, California.

Logo concept for my Doodles brand

Hamish light

3 faces sketch 151

Doodles Gunman Sketch

Storyboards Concept Art 6Storyboards Concept Art 4 LR

Doodles 2076

What else to do with all the unsolicited crap that comes through the letterbox…


jim_stokes_design-LT6 LR



Doodles Jim Stokes 7


Doodles 2030

Quick scribbles that turned into a concept for a poster of Alan Turin. All to be made out of binary

Doodles Jim Stokes 1