Ranking Roger Portraits

Skills: Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Photography

A series of promotional portraits of Ranking Roger from “The Beat” for DMF Music Ltd.

I only had a few hours with Roger so we ran around Birmingham and grabbed as many different set ups and locations as possible. I shoot with natural light and aim to provide a varied selection of shots for future promo use. With my background in Graphic Design and Art Direction I have one eye on how the shots can be used. So far this shoot has provided an album cover, editorial and use in the Guardian music pages.

You can see the entire shoot on my photography site here.

JSC Rankin Roger 028 Bcol JSC Rankin Roger 033 B Col

JSC Rankin Roger 028 BW     JSC Rankin Roger 055 Port 4JSC Rankin Roger 033 BW

The Guardian Jim Stokes Photography

JSC Rankin Roger 093 BcolJSC Rankin Roger 627 crop port 4       JSC Rankin Roger 675 BW JSC Rankin Roger 309 BW crop JSC Rankin Roger 697 BWJSC Rankin Roger 538 port 4JSC Rankin Roger 703 BWJSC Rankin Roger 781 Port 4 JSC Rankin Roger 500 crop port 4JSC Rankin Roger 827   JSC Rankin Roger 522 port 4