POPmedia launches – prints for sale

The first draft of my online shop is now open.

Clients and friends have requested prints over the years, so it was time to get the work online and up for sale.

I’m always trying to capture natural beauty when I’m out and about, there’s so much to appreciate wether its architectural masterpieces or nature’s grand show. Little moments frozen in time to appreciate all the beauty out there.  The walls of my flat have been covered with these prints for years.

popmedia front page 2

Little prints for little places.

We’re all living in smaller places these days, so its nice to have a little celebration of the big things in the world in a little apace on your – or a friends – wall.

Perfect presents for little spaces on the wall.





Popmedia shop little prints



I’ve been commissioned for illustration projects before and my doles have been analysed in The Guardian.

POPmedia shop Doodles
popmedia shop premium

POPmedia shop 2


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